New This February!!

New This February!!

Nails Truly Co has been busy, busy, busy!! 

What's New!?!

This Months Cuticle Oil:

Based off the body spray I wore alllll through high school, this month's scent is Amber Romance 

5 New Glow Dips: 

Lush Glow

Blush Glow

Ivory Glow

Glitter Glow 

And Indigo Glow

Two New Stamping Pallets 


Chantilly Lace

All the new sheets this month:

Never Grow Up-Peter Pan
Bring Wakko, Yakko & Dot-Animaniacs
Doodle Hearts
I'm Wishing-Snow White
Stained Glass Rose- Beauty and the Beast
I am not your father- Star Wars
Stained Glass- Full coverage
Mr Potter- Harry Potter- Full coverage
The House Of Potter- Harry Potter
Butter butter butterflies - Full coverage
I've got no strings to hold me down- Pinocchio
Down The Rabbit Hole- Alice In Wonderland
Space Octopus
Cupid’s Bow
Off With Their Heads! - Alice In Wonderland - Full coverage

Girl Power-International Women’s Day
Respect -International Women’s Day
International Women’s Day-International Women’s Day

Embrace The Amazing-AUTISM AWARENESS
Neuro Awesomeness-AUTISM AWARENESS

Mother Grace And Love-Palm Sunday
Happy Festival -Passover
Have a generous Ramadan-Ramadan

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